Liability Insurance

Public Liability

Despite your best intentions, accidents do happen and if the accident is as a result of something your business has done then a client, contractor, or member of the public can claim against your business for compensation. Your public liability can be triggered by something as simple as spilling a drink over a client’s computer, or a contractor slipping on a wet surface in your office incurring injury or damage.

To help protect your business, Elliott Westland Insurance Brokers can provide small businesses with public liability insurance as a standalone policy or it can be purchased together with our range of business products. Many companies and organisations will insist on their suppliers having public liability insurance cover in place.

You can also combine our public liability cover with employer’s liability insurance to create one simple package; alternatively, it can be purchased on its own.

Employers Liability

If you have employees, employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement and can be bought as a package with our public liability insurance.

As a business you do your best to limit the possibility of injury or illness to your employees resulting from their work, but if they do have an accident or become ill, your business could be sued for compensation under your employers’ liability insurance. As a result, businesses in the UK that employ staff are legally obliged to have employers’ liability insurance to provide cover against a claim from an employee.

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