Shop and office insurance

Shop Insurance

Don’t shop around for your shop insurance!

Our insurance is ideal for shops and retail businesses, which sell stock or provide a service from their premises, such as hairdressers, florists, grocers and newsagents.

Our standard Shop Insurance is full of benefits to ensure you’re properly covered if something goes wrong in your shop. Our policy gives you the option to increase cover limits or add on cover to suit your individual needs, and includes public and products liability, employers’ liability and business contents cover as standard.

Office Insurance

Whether you work from home or a separate business premises, having the right insurance cover for your office is important. We understand that every business is different so we offer policy options you can tailor to the needs of your company.

What cover should I consider?

It’s important that your business office premises are properly insured. Similar to your home, there are range of covers that you need to consider that will provide protection for your buildings, contents, fixtures and stock.

Here is a list of the core covers to get you started:

Buildings insurance: Your office premises need to be insured against risks, for example flooding or fire. If you own the property, this is your responsibility, but if you rent this is likely to be covered by the landlord. This should be verified with your landlord, however.

Contents insurance: much in the same way as home insurance, the contents of your business premises should be insured for damage, destruction, loss or theft. It’s important that you correctly specify the value and specification of your contents when getting a quote to ensure you are adequately insured.

Fixtures and fittings cover: With a business insurance policy, you must differentiate between the contents (possessions) and fixed items in the property such as; sales counters, kitchen units, shelves and carpets.
Shop front cover: If your office has an exposed front to the premises, you can also add specific cover for this to cover windows, signage and awnings for example.

Stock cover: If you keep any stock in the property, this must be identified and insured separately from your contents.
You can tailor policy options to suit the needs of your business and add a range of specialist covers to your policy.

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