Business Interruption Claim Update

Dear Policyholder,

We are contacting you to provide an update regarding the impact of the Supreme Court judgement on the Business Interruption (BI) test case. The judgement is recorded in a lengthy document which can be found on the FCA website should you require sight of it.

There are several implications from the judgement, not just on Insurers but also on policyholders, i.e., to check and understand if they have an eligible claim regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
NB. If you have already made a claim, your insurer should be in touch with you soon to update you regarding your claim and there is no need to make further contact with us.

Policyholders considering submitting a BI claim.
For those policyholders that are now considering submitting a claim, they will need to continue as shown:

Establish, from their policy schedule, whether they have cover for Business Interruption. It is unlikely that all policies include this type of cover and it is essential this is established at the outset. The FCA have helpfully provided a checklist to assist with this and it can be accessed via the link below:

If, after completing the policy checker you (a) have not yet made a claim, and (b) you have suffered business interruption losses, you should notify your claim to your broker or insurer as soon as possible. Details of the information required to make a claim and the level of detail required can be found at the link below:

It is vital, before submitting a claim, that any losses suffered can be clearly evidenced and reported accurately. For example, a loss of profit, fixed costs, increased costs of working. Where no losses are evidenced then a claim should not be submitted.

When it has been established that the policyholder has an eligible BI claim then the full details should be email to The email box will be reviewed weekly and we will respond to your claim, via email, to provide you with the next steps.

Due to the high volume of enquiries, we are receiving relating to BI Claims, we must receive correspondence from policyholders via email. Should we receive any calls relating to BI, these will be redirected to the above email address.

We endeavour to deal with your claim and related queries as quickly and smoothly as possible but would advise that there are significant wait times for insurer responses due to the volume of claims received. We appreciate your patience with this matter.

Elliott Westland Insurance Brokers Ltd