Organising insurance cover is what we do; delivering an effective claims service is what you expect.

The real test of any insurance policy is the claims service. At Elliott Westland we price ourselves in having a dedicated team available to help you through the claim process.

This is why we have created this simple contact form here to allow you to select what kind of claim you would like to make whilst also allowing us to be able to stay in contact with you.

Want to make a claim?

Commercial claims

Whether you’re claiming for a damaged laptop, damage to your commercial property or as a result of a motor incident on one of your fleet vehicles, Elliott Westland are here to support you every step of the way.

In most circumstances there is no need to fill in forms. We are often able to gain enough information from you over the telephone to deal with your claim efficiently. We will then keep you informed on key decisions and help manage expectations throughout the proves of the claim.

Defending claims is also key. We aim to work alongside your insurer and often legal teams to help defend you against any third-party claims.

Personal claims

One of the fastest ways to resolve a household or motor claim is to get in direct contact with your insurance company.

As soon as you have reported the claim, your insurer can start the process of putting you back to the position you were in before the loss occurred. With motor claims this could be the appointment of an approved repairer; with a household claim this could be arranging for a suitable contractor, such as a locksmith or glazier, to make repairs.

We’re confident that most of the time you’ll be impressed with the service you get from your insurer. But occasionally you may want to check that what you’re being told is correct or want to know the best way to resolve an issue. If you find yourself in this position please do contact our claims team to put your mind at rest.

Motor claims

In the event of an incident, please call our accident management company immediately on 0845 189 6363 to ensure your claim will be processed quickly and efficiently.

Lines are open 24 hours per day and for days per week.

Phone: 0191 510 3354


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